Social Media / Social Live

What about our communication and social live nowadays?

The new generation grows up with this phenomenon so called social media. They can’t imagine writing letters by hand with pen and / or pencil, bring it to the postoffice and send it away.

If you want to meet someone, we nowadays have additional cellphones. Not only for making phonecalls but for sending messages too. If we don’t like to talk to someone in person or to ask personally, we send an SMS or Email by cellphone. The same we do when we want to announce the same message to others. Type the message and send it out to the contacts.

Are we getting lazy, are we afraid of personal confrontation, do we need to communicate like this or was it better in earlier days? Does it fit in your way of living? Or are you better off with the old fashion way?

Is this way of being social not the asocial way? Or is it just the new way? The elderly are practically being forced to fit in. Some do, will and can others don’t, won’t and can’t!

What about having “real” friends instead of having hundreds of them virtually?

Let’s hear your story!


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