Kings Day in the Netherlands!

Kings Day in the Netherlands!

Koningsdag 2014

The official King’s Day is at the 27th of April. His Royal Majesty King Willem Alexander was born on this day in 1967.

This year 2014, is the first year The Netherlands celebrate King’s Day on the 26th of April, because traditionally this celebration will not take place on a Sunday.

Queen’s Day started with Queen Wilhelmina’s inauguration on 31st of August 1898! Before Queen’s Day, this day was called “Princess’ Day” and started on Princess Wilhelmina’s 5th birthday 1885!

After the inauguration of Queen Juliana, daughter of Princess Wilhelmina, Queen’s Day was been held on the 30th of April, her Royal Majesty’s birthday.

Queen’s Day was still kept on the 30th of April after the inauguration of Queen Beatrix, daughter of Princess Juliana. The decision was therefore because of honouring her mother and because of the weather-aspects on her own birthday on the 31st of January!

Nation’s biggest birthday-celebration grows and over more than 5 million people visit Amsterdam on this particular day, each year! It has become one of the most visited open-air events of the world.

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